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What do the members say about The Bank CEO Network?

“Becoming a member of The Bank CEO Network over ten years ago was one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding enhancing shareholder value and furthering my professional development. The Network has connected me to companies and individuals that have greatly assisted the bank in increasing overall profitability. These relationships and partnerships would not have materialized without membership into The Bank CEO Network. The program subject matter is highly relative and timely to current banking trends and issues. Any bank CEO that sincerely desires to be a high performing community bank should not hesitate in joining The Bank CEO Network.”

— Kevin Black

“The Bank CEO Network has allowed me to grow professionally from a technical standpoint as well as enhancing my leadership skills. The members are passionate, and really care about our industry, which makes the meetings that much more valuable and insightful. In my experience, based on the knowledge I have gained, the Network has truly been a worthy investment versus the expense incurred. I would recommend any CEO to join and learn about how to be both a better leader and banker in this ever-changing industry.”

— Ivo Tjan

“Our institution has been an active member of The Bank CEO Network for over 15 years, and I have always found The Network to be the best source for a community bank CEO to learn and grow. Our bank has grown from $110 million to over $800 million during that time, and I believe that without the guidance, knowledge, and confidence to implement many of the ideas learned in formal sessions and informal conversations with the Network members, our bank would not have accomplished what we have today. Always professionally presented, I don’t know where else a banker can get the help, and knowledge like he can as a member of The Bank CEO Network. Bob continues to highlight where our industry is going and needs to go. I highly recommend membership in The Network to any community bank CEO who wants to be successful.”

— Gene Miles

“Membership in The Bank CEO Network has been the best investment I have made in my professional development. After every meeting I walk away with many ideas that have helped build our franchise value. Whether it has been new product ideas, suggestions for operating efficiencies and the leveraging of technology, or ways to enhance our culture, my organization has benefited tremendously.”

— Rebeca Romero Rainey

“I have been a member of The Bank CEO Network for a number of years. I have found the meetings and the information disseminated by The Network to be extremely valuable. I have personally attended most of the meetings, and I have also had one or two other key senior staff members participate as well in particular sessions. We all have benefitted greatly from those encounters with our peers. I would encourage any community bank president or chief executive officer to join The Network. I believe they would find the experience most worthwhile.”

— Carlisle Mabrey III

“The Bank CEO Network is the single most important tool I have at my disposal to become a better banker and to improve the performance of my bank. It’s my goal to bring back at least two ideas from the conferences that can be implemented at the bank to justify my membership and improve our banks performance. For over ten years, that has not been a problem. The bankers you will meet from across the country define what “membership” is all about. They are very willing to share their successes and failures with you. Their insights are invaluable. Whether you’re knocking down an ROA of 1.25% or struggling at 0.25%, there will be somebody in the same boat to share ideas with. I have created many new and valuable friendships with other bankers in the Network. In 2009, we were struggling, and due to expense control concerns of the bank ownership, we cancelled our membership for one year. A VERY bad idea! We needed The Network more than ever, and are very pleased to be back.”

— Mark Novitzki

“I have been blessed to have been in community banking for almost forty years. My multiple decades of participation in The Bank CEO Network changed my definition of personal and professional success. The relationships I’ve formed with other CEOs, The Network’s organizers, and other speakers have been instrumental in crafting this definition. This unique and priceless experience played an important strategic role in transforming my bank from an underperformer to a higher performing organization, and then maintaining that level of performance. I will always be indebted to The Network, and its members, for the role they played in my ability to achieve this improved performance level.”

— Archie R. McDonnell

“If you want to challenge yourself to become a better banker, and your bank become a stronger performing bank, you should join The Bank CEO Network. Starting with the principals of The Bank CEO Network, who work diligently to keep the meeting content and the presenters on the leading edge of what is going on in the industry today and how to prepare for tomorrow, to the interaction and dialogue with other bankers from across the country who are facing the same problems you face on a daily basis; you will immediately experience the benefit of being a member. The Bank CEO Network is not just a couple of meetings a year, but a constant resource of bankers and banking professionals, available to answer questions and provide solutions to help you better manage your bank. With the unprecedented challenges facing our industry today; created by the unsettling political, regulatory and economic environments, The Bank CEO Network provides a forum to help you meet those challenges and improve the management, and bottom line results for your bank.”

— Kevin G. Whitelock

“I have been a member of The Bank CEO Network since its inception in 1992. I think it is one of the most important things that I do for the betterment of our bank. The topics covered in the meetings are focused on improving our leadership and the direction of our banks in all areas. In addition to the meetings, one of the most beneficial parts is getting to know other bankers and using them as resources and sharing ideas with them. The Bank CEO Network has been extremely valuable to both me and my bank.”

— Huey Townsend

“I have been a member of The Bank CEO Network from its inception in 1992. Throughout the years, the information presented at the meetings was always current and thought provoking. However, as good as the presenters are, for me an additional important value of membership in The Network is derived from the deep relationships that are established with the other members/bankers. These relationships have been extraordinarily helpful throughout the years, and particularly now as we all face the challenges of today’s banking environment.”

— Robert Hulsey

“For me, The Bank CEO Network is my foundation for new efficiencies, profit improvement, and strategic thinking/planning. The Network does an excellent job creating a structured peer-networking environment, that is both enjoyable, and results oriented. I highly recommend membership to any community bank CEO who is open to new ideas, and is trying to improve bottom line performance.”

— Bill Landiss

“Joining The Bank CEO Network opens the door to improving you and your bank. From technology to margin management to leadership skills, the opportunities to improve are available in direct correlation to your intellectual curiosity and determination to implement new ideas. While high caliber presentations headline each meeting session, the best takeaways originate from the vast wealth of experience of other members of The Network from across America. This collective wisdom is the reason that The Bank CEO Network has been far and away the highest value added educational endeavor at The Peoples Bank for 18 consecutive years.”

— Porter Loomis

“I am a member of The Bank CEO Network for one simple reason: every single meeting pays for itself. Generally speaking, participation in The Network challenges us to be the highest performing bank possible; and, the candid discussions with other bankers experiencing similar issues provide a laundry list of incremental improvements to bring back to the bank. In addition to the general push for better performance, The Bank CEO Network has been specifically responsible for convincing us to make moves that added significant shareholder value; including the implementation of additional fees on various loans and depository products. We may have eventually implemented the re-pricing of these products, but our participation in The Network certainly accelerated our decision, improved the decision-making process, and provided several years of additional income to the bottom line.”

— Frank Morris

“Our bank has been a member of The Bank CEO Network since its inception twenty years ago. Having a forum for meeting and interacting with other CEOs has been a tremendous resource and a meaningful experience for our bank and me personally. The presentations are excellent, and the presenters highly professional. The interactive and participatory nature of the program makes it even more valuable. The best benefits are the associations and friendships with other CEOs who are experiencing similar challenges. Many great friendships have been developed as a result of our membership in the network. Having participated in other peer group programs and industry forums, The Bank CEO Network is the best.”

— Duane L. Fager

“I have been a member of The Bank CEO Network for over 15 years. I will remain a member for as long as I am a community bank CEO. Ending just a few years ago, our bank had seventeen years of consecutive record earnings. In my opinion, at least some of those years were directly related to my membership in The Network. I don’t know that I can give it any higher praise than that.”

— Charlie Maddy

“I have been a member of The Bank CEO Network for over 10 years, and cannot think of a better personal investment you could make for yourself, as the CEO of your bank, than becoming a member of The Network. Simply put, I have benefited greatly from being a member of this organization.”

— Rich Hoban

“Our senior executive management team has known and worked with Bob Walters for more than 20 years, and our bank has been part of The Bank CEO Network since its inception. What we have gained from these relationships and the relationships we have developed with other members has been invaluable. I can’t remember a time when we have returned from a Bank CEO Network conference that we haven’t come home with at least one good idea that has paid for the program. A few years ago, when we all started looking a lot closer at expenses, we decided our involvement with The Network was an investment rather than an expense. I would encourage all banks who aspire to high performance to join The Bank CEO Network.”

— Bill Bramblet

“Austin Bank and our three affiliate banks have been members of The Bank CEO Network for over ten years. Our four banks have assets ranging from $140 million to just over $1 billion. The Bank CEO Network meetings are not seminars in the normal sense; rather they are roll-up-your-sleeves and work discussion sessions. Simply stated, The Network is a source for new ideas and continuing education. The ideas and information that come from the meetings are invaluable. A perfect example: During The Network meetings, time has been spent on discussing the specific steps to improve a bank’s overall corporate culture. Austin Bank put that knowledge to use, and as a result, was recently selected as one (out of 100) of the Best Companies to work for in Texas – two years in a row!”

— Jeff Austin III

“This is my second year to be a member of The Bank CEO Network. The primary benefit to me has been timely information (from both speakers and members) that I can bring back to the Bank and use immediately. The presenters are bankers, consultants, regulators, attorneys, and accountants who are dealing with issues in the moment. I discovered after one meeting that we weren’t calculating our classified asset ratios the same way that regulators now were. This was very helpful to know prior to our exam. The no nonsense approach and practical use of my time while away from the office appeals to me; in other words, this program is not simply another golf outing or an excuse to go to a fancy hotel.”

— Gwen Thompson